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we have many old doors in this and other styles just let us know your needs and we will find for youWe have many used hard to find interior doors dating back to the turn of the century. When wood that was used in the making of a door was cut from a tree that was 500-1000 years old. We work with many demolition contractors. Just let us know what your needs are and we will go to work for you. We can cut to size, repair,  and install. Our prices start at $75 per door. Let us know your needs and sizes and we can email you pics. we have 1 panel , t-panel, 5 panel, french glass and other interior doors. We have old door knobs, door plates, locksets, and old ball tipped hinges. We can clean your old hardware and repair those old hard to close and sticking doors in your home. Call 604-831-2915